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Harja, Romania

Worthy Causes

Friends of Romanian Children

Family! Each child shall be entitled to a family and Friends of Romanian Children is large, jolly and united family that we are proud of. Parents, what is parenthood? What is important for your child? When you’ll be old, what do you want to be known for?
100% of the ticket costs are going to the Asociatia Copiii in Sanul Familiei.

Clean Environment & Recycling

Our volunteers asked to participate and clean the environment before and after the Festival. We are making sure that after the Festival there will be a grand action to clean and clear all the sites. Worthy?

Sustainable Development
of the Oituz Valley

Do you know that the area of Oituz is a great source of mushrooms and a variety of berries? Or that there is a considerable amount of natural gas, petrol as well as thermal water springs? There is much that happens in such a place and we are looking to promote the Social innovation in this area so that people can identify and diversify their sources of income. There is richness, and without a sound strategy & management plan little is happening. How can you get involved?

Get involved in preserving the environment & sustainable development

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