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Harja, Romania

“You can not help everyone but everyone can help someone”- Ronald Reagan


Mary Gibson chose to do exactly this. She founded “Friends of Romanian Children” after the 1989 revolution with one particular goal – to give love and a home to those children, who don’t have enough resources to live a fulfilled life. 

The organization “Friends of Romanian Children” owns three houses in Harja. In each house four or five children live as a family. The houses are equipped with all types of facilities needed to live comfortably. They are a safe place where the children receive not only love, but a lot of life lessons, which are important for their personal development. 

Giving the children a proper education is also one of the responsibilities of the organization. All children are enrolled in public schools, some of them even have already finished high school and are on their way to a higher education.

What do we do?

We, with the help of the European Solidarity Corps, decided to follow the example of Mary Gibson and to spend some worthy time with the children, playing games and giving them the love they deserve. 

A group picture by the river after the activities

What we did till now?

Every Friday afternoon we spend up to 3 hours doing some activities that aim to help the children with boosting their confidence and strengthening their bond to each other. From musical chairs to volcano experiments we enjoyed being part of their lives and giving them a good example of how to interact with each other and also with others. We noticed that all the kids are very sociable regardless of their age and they also enjoyed playing with us. In our opinion those two Fridays that we spent with them so far, were very successful and helped us gain some knowledge of how to deal with a group of young children.

What are our plans for the future?

In the upcoming weeks, our plan is to continue with the activities and make them even more interesting and informative for the kids. We are going to extend their knowledge about the other countries and cultures, and also to improve their team building abilities. By doing so, we hope that we will give them important skills, which will help them in the future. 

Any message for the public?

By doing what we do, we want to make people more aware of the things happening in countries like Romania, and especially in small villages like Harja. We want to show them that love and affection can make someone’s life more worthy and bearable.

Concluding words:

Our conclusion from those activities is simple: once you give kids your full attention, they would pay you back by following your rules and enjoying what you prepared for them.