The last week of the project was the moment to preparate the big event and the time to say goodbye for the first phase volunteers.

It was the end of a long adventure of great efforts to make the project happen. We had a lot of activities between the volunteers, we received the letters we wrote for ourselves in the beginning of the project and our Youthpass Certification. The week was also about remembering the good times of the project and the nice moments we spent together.

During these days we did the last activities with the kids, playing some games, saying goodbye, having so much fun and laughter. We also took some time to promote the compost to the kids and to the inhabitants of Oituz. It was the good opportunity to explain them why it is important and how it can help to save our planet.

Next to the final preparations for March 8th event, we had a lot of work and fun at the same time.
We painted several cardboards, and we did many posts to communicate the event.

When the big day came it was a major happiness. Big numbers of kids joined to play our games and we taught them several important things about the environment. The Onestiin Association helped us being staff on the event – taking photos, playing the games, and teaching the people. We own a lot to them; they were best partners, and it was not the first time they helped us – they already gave us a big hand before with the trash picking! So, one more we would like to say thank you to the Onestiin Association.

It was a big day on the event, and we took more than eight hundred pictures to collect memories of this day. At the end, even the fact that everybody was tired, we did a big party to commemorate the end of the big event.