The end of the project is getting closer and closer so we feel the need to put in some more effort to make a true impact. The 7th week represented the planning, organisation and some preparation for the big final ecological event, while doing activities with the children.

We started the week with a lot of fresh energy, as we had plenty of time to recharge during the free days. At this point, we know our routine pretty well, so everyone splitted in teams and work for both the event and the activity teams. We created the action plan and had some real fun working on it. These were some of the last moments in which we got to work together, so we made sure to make the most out of them.

Towards the end of the week, we happily accepted the invitation to go have dinner with the nuns and the children there. It was a wonderful afternoon with laughter, activities, games but also, emotions, as for some volunteers that was the last time there. We said our goodbyes with promises that we’ll see each other soon.

The week ended with us celebrating the Orthodox Easter, enjoying Romanian customs and traditions that are specific for this period. As the nature all around us finally bloomed and all shades of green amazed us everywhere we looked, we are ready to take over next week and enjoy the little time we have together.