Another week of our project started filled with many emotions and motivation. As time flies, we are getting closer and closer to the end of our project, and in this case we buckled up with a lot of enthusiasm for the upcoming activities. The week was mainly dedicated to planning our future events and we had spent time brainstorming, exchanging ideas and implementing strategies. As a main focus – ecology and environment, the event we are preparing for (on 8th of May) is expected to be impactful, both for the local community and for ourselves. This could be easily achieved, as we learned that together we stand strong and the values and upsides of team work.

Moving on to the end of the week, we had the oportunity to participate by hosting our wonderful facilitator Catalina, from Romania. We had workshops on the topic of self-development, self-awareness and psychology, feelings as well. We were taught the value of emotions and healthy open communcation, and it helped us a lot with problem solving and finding a solution in many aspects of our daily life in Harja.

Being close to the end of the week, we knew that it was time for a intercultural evening. Not any, but the Portuguese one. It was a dive into the Portuguese culture, from tasting their traditional drinks and cuisine to enjoying their typical traditional dances. We were honoured to have Calina, Paulo and Diogo as our chefs, entertainers and tour-guides during the whole night.

Our day-off we spent in a salt mine nearby and had the chance to soak even deeper in the Romanian Carpatian mountains, where we also shared our time with the young volunteers from Onesti. And let us tell you – this week was EPIC!