This week was all about connecting with people, cultures, emotions, information and to top it all off, with nature at its best. Workshops were the kick-start for the week and all three of those managed to establish thought provoking ideas in the minds of the audience. From sharing different tactics of sales in the corporate field to making DIY hygiene products and discussing the politics of war around the world, there was a great deal of learning in each one of these sessions. The facilitators were successfully able to articulate their ideas and involve the audience equally in their discussion, which developed a steady momentum for the entire 90 minute duration. Each of the three workshops was complimented with an associating activity to ensure that the information shared was applied in an interactive way in order to make it indelible and productive at the same time.

After the successful completion of the workshops, this week’s intercultural night involving Portugal, Hungary and Cyprus was due with an added surprise. In addition to the usual participants of the project, the night was accompanied with all the volunteers of Kolping along with the coordinators. With more than 40 individuals, the gathering was huge and that is exactly what made the intercultural experience truly exuberating. Before the Portuguese, Hungarian and Cyprian participants shared and talked about their culture, the volunteers were welcomed with some energizing and ice-breaking activities to get comfortable with each other. The volunteers from Kolping actively participated in the activities and thoroughly enjoyed their time in and around the house. An amalgamation of dances and songs from different parts of the world lifted the mood and the bonfire gave a perfect ending to one memorable night.

The very next day was yet another fun activity planned, this time around nature. The volunteers from Kolping along with all the participants of the project made their way to the “monument of Heroes” in Oituz, Romania. It was a 4-hour long hike all the way up to the monument, but despite that everyone enjoyed their time capturing the breathtaking scenic views and carrying out friendly conversations with each other. This was certainly a liberating experience connecting both with people and nature in the best possible way.

Back to back activities and fun sessions scheduled for the later part of the week were all happening but it surely left everyone craving a time off. Understandably, a 3-day break was in order which was utilized by participants in their own preferred ways. Some went to their home towns while some chose to stay and rest at the same place. All in all, everyone got to gear up and charge themselves for the activities lined up in the coming week primarily focusing on finalizing murals at the nun’s and spending last moments at Kolping.