" /> Kolping, Oituz, 10.07.2019 | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

Today we experienced a reunion with the young kids from Kolping and none of us regrets it. We were warmly welcomed by the kids with some self-made presents and especially with bright smiles. After spending almost one month in Romania we were able to have some small talk with them and were very proud to carry the Romanian flags with us which they gave us. This time not we prepared a game for them but the other way around. To make sure everybody is paying attention a question for each of us was hidden in a balloon. Balloon burst first! After that teachers and kids were very happy to hear that for instance one of our team member has chosen Romania for volunteering as she thinks it is a beautiful country with a lot of potential in it. Nevertheless, this fun activity was not the cherry on top as it was followed by a flash mop lead by all the kids together. All cultures, countries and ages were united in this flash mop and in the joy of the moment.