" /> Hârja, 18.07.2019 | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

The ELF festival in Hârja has not started yet but still local residents could hear loud music coming from the medical centre as there was a Karaoke evening going on. There was a wide range of songs to choose from, starting with traditional Romanian songs to international rap songs. Some of us had the chance to sing in front of other people for the first time in their lives. Such a great opportunity, given by volunteering to get out of the comfort zone as some of us have never sung in front of other people in their life. Hitting the right note was not the main aim but to have an unforgettable evening together, and we managed to do so! When Valentine, one of the inhabitants started to sing “I just called to say I love you” by Stevie Wonder we had tears in our eyes, at least the girls. You must know Valentine knows how to say “I love you” in seven different languages. For those who preferred listening to songs instead of singing them, we also prepared a painting station or invited the elderly people to play chess with us. We experienced once again that cultural boundaries can be easily broken by common interests!