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Harja, Romania


Friends of Children in Romania (FoRC, known as “Copiii in Sanul Familiei”) is a Romanian NGO founded in 1994 with the aim to support institutionalised children, bringing them together in a family environment to grow up with love and care, close to nature, receiving support from the organisation, even after the age of 18.

During the last 10 years, FoRC received donations, private and public funds, to organise activities with the main purpose to encourage the children to engage with the wider village community, by helping in the church, doing gardening activities, sports and eco-friendly based tasks, as well as participating in various events in the neighbouring urban areas.

FoRC is now funded and supported by a broad network of sponsors from the UK and Romania and by the European Commission, thanks to Youth Mobility Programmes, which makes all the projects, initiatives, end-outputs from partnerships to be disseminated to a broader audience of private enterprises and individuals.

FoRC is directly interested in supporting youth development and people from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping with education, sustainable living (both in rural and urban communities), personal development, growth and wellbeing, creativity, entrepreneurship, employability and inclusion, in order to nurture the sense of personal, local, national, continental and global identity, foster public dialogue and empower youth to make the most of the resources they have access to.

FoRC is committed to provide equal opportunities for all its members and volunteers, to assure gender balance in the activities they are involved, promoting EU principles and values, through all the projects the organisation takes part in.

FoRC is highly active in the implementation of non-formal activities through the Erasmus+ programme, targeting youngsters and youth workers.
FoRC’s activities are focused on:

  • harnessing societal cohesion and understanding various cultural backgrounds of the European Continent and beyond;
  • cultivating the EU common values of inclusion, solidarity and active citizenship;
  • personal development tools for empowerment, leadership, communication among youth and adults with disadvantaged and fewer opportunities;
  • promoting social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, circular economy for enhancing skills and abilities, employability and societal development;
  • promoting NFE methodology as an alternative approach to learning.

FoRC target groups are youth and adults with fewer opportunities, who are unemployed or at risk of being marginalized in rural and disadvantaged urban areas. The end goal that the organisation envisions is to make our lives better together, by cultivating a climate of growth, involvement, citizenship, support, cross-cultural collaboration, fairness and environmental-friendly approaches contributing to the worldly wellbeing.

29 AUG – 1 SEPT 2019

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