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Harja, Romania


We have put together a series of frequently asked questions about ELF. If your question is not answered in our FAQs, please contact us with your enquiry.

  • ELF festival is the the first festival organized by the European Solidarity Corps
  • Location: Harja, Romania
  • Date: 29th august – 1st september 2019
What is the aim of the festival?

On the surface visitors and artists will have an incredible day listening to music, playing games and enjoying meals from the food court. Besides that, the event is organized by volunteers from all over the world who have experienced themselves that you can learn a lot by taking part in non-formal education and we would like to share this with you. We have the vision to promote the importance of non-formal education which can have a significant positive impact on peoples´ lives

What is non-formal education?

Non-formal education can be everything you learn in a group of people with a common, clearly defined purpose. Volunteering, sport clubs but also a book club can be a form of non-formal education as you can learn from each other, you organize yourself and you find out together how to reach your common goal and maybe even discover undetected talents of yourself in a fun environment

What does ELF stands for?

ELF stands for the Experiental Learning Festival which you can join from 29.08.2019 – 01.09.2019 in Harjâ

Is this an all ages event?

Yes everybody is welcome

Do I need to buy a ticket and how much are they?

Everybody related to education has free access to the event for example teachers and college students. You just have to bring food or help yourself at the food court. For everybody else you can purchase a ticket here

Do I have do bring anything?

You have to bring warm and comftable clothes, depending on the weather. When you plan camping, take a tent and equipment with you. You are also allowed to bring your own food or choose from our various options at the food court.

Who organizes the ELF festival?

Together we are over 20 volunteers from all over the world, based in Harjâ with the common purpose to organize this project. For more information visit our introducing page. We also work in cooperation with local NGOs

I am an artist. How can I be part of the festival and what conditions can I expect?

Whoever is interested in social causes is welcome at the festival. Accomodation, food and travel expenses will be covered. For further information please contact us

Who finances the ELF festival?

ELF is organized with the main support of the European Solidarity Corps programme and co-founded by the European Commison Programme.

Can I get in contact with the volunteer team?

Yes, you can contact us by sending an E-mail to Friends.Of.Children.Romania@gmail.com or you can phone Ana 0722662002, the angel of the awesome volunteers

Are you still hiring volunteers for the festival?

If you want to join please send an E-Mail to: Friends.Of.Children.Romania@gmail.com

29 AUG – 1 SEPT 2019

Ready to participate at ELF?