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Harja, Romania


ELF Festival is a result of the same-named European Solidarity Corps project by the Association “Friends of Children in Romania” and it’s aimed at inviting all ESC volunteers and organisations, schools, universities, representatives of educational institutions, public bodies, companies and every member of the public who is interested in discovering more of the benefits that are encompassed in the ESC program and other related programmes like Erasmus+.

The Experiential Learning Festival is aiming at creating a space where education can be positively affected, innovated, debated and mostly experienced.

ELF is organised through solidarity intervention of volunteers from various countries and backgrounds, including those with fewer opportunities.

This plays a big role into bringing various inputs, perspectives on education, youth, adulthood, growth, cultural heritage, employability, environmental sustainability and underlining inclusion through the factual presence of so many individuals, backgrounds, ages, cultures in the same place, with the same purpose.ELF is e a solidary action that brings the community together to share different cultural heritages, with the objective to generate an idea tank, where to share experiences that can contribute at achieving the principles of ESC:

  • promote solidarity & social inclusion;
  • lower carbon footprint;
  • promote volunteering;
  • share non formal education tools;
  • create a networking space.

29 AUG – 1 SEPT 2019

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