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Harja, Romania

During the end of September and beginning of October we’ve been busy meeting lots of cool teenagers in High Schools. We went to Bacau, Onesti, Brasov, Comanesti to talk with teenagers about the opportunities that exist through ESC and Erasmus+. Furthermore we introduced non-formal education activities and we talked about EU values and solidarity. And of course, we shared about the Festival we oraganised.

And guess what…a lot of you showed interest to what we are doing and how can they be involved.

We called all the high schools in the county of Bacau to make appointments for meeting teenagers. In addition we called neighbouring counties and we went to Brasov as well. However, we were mostly busy in Bacau even if many of the high schools said a more or less clear “no”…like “we’re busy starting the classes and the year”, “our students don’t have time for this”, and many other routes that made us more persistent. In the end we visited about eight high schools and we had a great time.

In total we spoke to more than 1,000 students and did activities with them, and some wanted to spend even more time with us.

All in all we had a great experience meeting teens, teens who are willing to explore and discover more about Europe, cultures, make an impact in their communities.

We are planning that next year we are much more effective in organising activities for teenagers, a summer camp where to explore more through Non Formal Education and participate in organising the Festival more actively. We would like to support more and more youngsters to volunteer around Europe to discover, learn, understand and contribute to their communities.