" /> Comănești, 26.07.2019 | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

You don’t have to teach kids that appreciating the simple things in life can lead to a happier life as most of the time they are excellence in it. The kids in Comănești gave a great example for this, joining our activities in Central Park on Friday. Of course, we do our best to give a special experience to the kids and sometimes it only needs a little extra ingredient. In this case it was a bunch of colorful balloons. Instead of chasing each other the kids had to burst green, yellow and blue balloons that were tied around the kids´ waists. We also had other activities like a sack race and hitting bottles with a sling shot together. Thinking about the right games for different target groups stimulates our creativity and flexibility. We are pride and grateful being part of the ELF-team seeing the games for the kids and youngsters entertain them. Because we really believe that volunteering influences you positively, we are spreading this message each time we are doing travel activities.