" /> Bârlad, 11.07.2019 | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

Volunteering gives you a lot of insights in different tasks and people of every age, thus this Thursday we exchanged our experiences with the volunteers from Buna ziua copii association that give their heart and their aid to an elderly house in Bârlad. We have learned that especially elderly people are more than happy to share their wisdom, so we do encourage people to take the opportunity and talk to them. Moreover, having an incredibly good lunch together with the other volunteers with the same spirit shows us once again that there are people all over the world, being superheroes in daily life. To make the day in Bârlad memorialized we dropped by the city library and got the chance to see an over 400-years old book followed by a visit in the local zoo. Instead of the wilderness of Hârja we had the first contact with a bear in a zoo, lucky us!