" /> Bălan, 19.07.2019 | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

On Friday we went to Bălan to meet the local volunteers from the Marea Lojă de Studio al Artei Regale with activities where teamwork and coordination were key. What else do you need when trying to build a human pyramid? It may not be as impressive as the regular cheerleaders do but the stamina, balance and force of will to do it in such an unstable terrain has its merits. After that we invented a bowling match thanks to recycled bottles. Although not as physically demanding as the last one, you needed good aim, speed, reactions and trust to be the winning team. It was a great experience for the youngsters to see how easy you can invent new highlights like bowling or volunteering in your life, independently of your circumstances. Finishing with a human balloon train we went our separate ways but are looking forward to seeing ML-SAR at the ELF Festival again. Before returning home, however, we went to the Red Lake to have lunch (we were starving) and take some photos from the Lake and the way back home. It was a very busy and tiresome day, but every minute was worth it!