" /> Bacău, 06.07.2019 | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

On Saturday the ELF team met many motivated youngsters in Cancicov Park, Bacău for playing a huge quest all over the park in the sun. Although there was just one winner team, everybody gained great experience in non-formal education. Challenges differed from playing darts, doing sports activities together or creating a poem spontaneously. It turned out we have some newcomer Shakespeares in our youth. Highlight of the day was the get together at the end where the kids and the volunteers danced together. Exchanging experience about volunteering and sharing our aim of growing personally to make the world and our own world a better place made the young kids think about their own opportunities in life and the benefits of volunteering. Although just one team won the quest, in the end we all felt like winners after spending a whole day together full of joy and laughs. Seeing that all the effort and work we put into this project made us more than happy. What a great excuse to celebrate ourselves with a special team building session. We decided on playing paintball together. What a wonderful day!