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Harja, Romania


The visual map of the festival is under construction and we are putting a lot of “steam” in drawing it. For now we can tell you that the most important parts are going to be:
  1. Inter-cultural Area – a space where people from various cultures, joining the festival are sharing
  2. Experiential – sensorial Area. Here we are going to explore all the areas that will guide you through a multitude of experiences, journeys and adventures.
  3. Healing Area. Various possible approaches that can be used in education and training for gaining focus, empowerment, a boost of well-being for both educators, students, trainees.
  4. Vibes Stage. Music! We are organising an educative festival and music has a space in our lives so does in education. How can we use it to elevate us? We shall explore its vibes.
  5. Food Court. Our designated area for eating, food related workshops and cooking.
  6. Kids Area. Bring your kids along, we are setting a dedicated space just for the kids, where they can gain the best of the experience during the festival.
  7. Camping Area. The place to sleep. You definitely want to get some rest, so we get ready a cosy & comfy place where to rest after star gazing.


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