" /> 31.08.2019, Elf-festival, Hârja | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

People started singing, early in the morning, having soy café and enjoyed breakfast together to start the second wonderful day of the ELF-festival. The only problem people had was to decide on what to do – visit a workshop like contact improvisation, Tibetan meditation, or acro-yoga which is a mix of acrobatic and yoga. Listening to live music or just relax in a hammock was always an option. In fact, no matter what people did, they had a good time. For the volunteers one of the highlights was offering visitors our own workshops about our culture. Lisa from Russia, prepared to draw Matreshka with the people, Layla from Germany presented her beer culture. People loved it, the social interaction, the meeting of different cultures. The day ended by a big get together of Harja residents, visitors from all over Romania, artists and us, the ELF-volunteers.