" /> First ELF-Festival day, 29.09.2019, Hârja | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

The last two and a half month we have worked on making the ELF Festival happen by organizing, promoting and physically building it up. This Thursday it finally happened. We, the second part of volunteers proudly presented our passion, the ELF Festival to artists and participants from all over Romania. The ELF festival was colorful, underground and completely new for everybody thanks to the chosen location and the diversity giving by the festival. Just like the essence of non formal education! Starting by afternoon there were electronic beats all over the festival area, covering it in a special vibe. Harja has become alive! After welcoming everybody, handing out information about the festival and showing them their place to sleep people were ready to explore the festival consisting of six areas:

  • Food Court : People Offered traditional Romanian food and healthy vegan food to visitors
  • Chill area: This was the relaxing zone with a lot of colorful hammocks in pink, yellow and blue hanging in the trees.  People could read a book or just take a

  • Camping zone: Surviving in the wildlife of Harja is a new experience for everybody. We offered free drinking water, toilets and shower to make it convenient

  • Sensorial area: People could visit workshops to use all their sense: contact improvisation, labyrinth heater, playfight and jam sessions

  • Healing area: People took a closer look to their inner thoughts joining Tibetan meditation, yoga, acrobatic yoga, music therapy or a workshop how to deal with mistakes

  • Kids zone: Children of all age could choose between making music, playing theater or do a treasure hunt solve