People in the Central Park of Piatra Neamt were probably surprised seeing youngsters performing a human pyramid out of nowhere or participating at a fun running race with a spoon of water. What motivates the Romanian youth to run from one letter to the other across the whole park? One part of volunteering is giving something back to the world and to people without any reward. This Friday we decided to thank the awesome volunteers of the Romanian association Juvenala in Piatra Neamț with a challenging quest according to their skills. The winner team received a whole box of muffins thus the volunteers were highly motivated to give everything for their teams documented by many wonderful pictures. Nevertheless, nobody had to leave empty-handed as everybody was invited to visit us at the ELF festival in August for free. In addition to that we exchanged our contact details to meet again when there is the opportunity as we spend a wonderful day together. In order to get an impression not only of the beautiful people living in Romania but also of the beautiful landscape, on our way back to Hârja we visited the lake izvorul muntelui which was absolutely worth it.