" /> 01.09.2019, Elf-festival, Hârja | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

  It is 7:30 in the morning ;one by  one ,people wake up from their  slumber caused by yesterday’s adventures.The mist surrounds the camping grounds,truly a treat for the eyes of the early birds ,provided by nature.

   The food tent opens soon. Breakfast  is ready ;the steam from the cups of hot tea and coffe  is can easily be mistaken as fog;the menu is traditional romania sandwiches ,they are a succes, everybody   gets at least two.

   For the people that missed it the other day, one more senzorial maze takes place, with the knowledge gathered  from yesterday, it quickly became the best attempt 

   After lunch ,slowly but surely we realized that our festival was about to end;later we were saying ,one by one,our goodbyes to the artists and participants of the festival, hoping to see them ,again, next year

    After the sun set we made one last camp fire,where everybody  that was still with us joined for one final,grand,musical moment around the fire.

    We stayed a long time,way past midnight, having final thoughts about the time at the festival,and we still stayed,we didn’t want to go home,because we had to leave the worm embrace of the fire behind .We went home only after the moon itself left use