" /> ♻️"Chain Reaction"♻️ | ELF Festival
Harja, Romania

📆 10th September 2020 🕖 7 pm 🏫 School No. 1 Oituz

The event entitled “Chain Reaction”💫, started within the ELF project.

It was planned by Mohammed A. Al-Eryani, one of our volunteers, and it aims to make the citizens of this commune to understand the importance of ecology. 🌱🌼

At 7 pm we gathered on the grounds of School No. 1 Oituz and we debated issues such as pollution in Romania and also on the global scale,🌍 how waste influences the environment and implicitly living things, the importance of waste recycling and finally we tried to find solutions to these problems.

♻️ Also during this event, our international volunteers presented each country by pointing out a few things that define the stage of ecology in their country.

We were able to discover more information about countries such as ✔️Spain Rodrigo Pedrero, ✔️Morocco Ilias Loudrassi, ✔️Italy Andrea Salomon, ✔️Greece Xenia Ntanou, ✔️India Vijay Anand, ✔️the Republic of Moldova Maricica Velicoglo and ✔️Yemen.

🌼After this event, we realized the importance of recycling globally, became aware of the effects of pollution and concluded that the only way to combat pollution is by preventing it ourselves and by helping to develop recycling and encouraging people to do the same.

🙌🏻Thank you also Vlad Grigoras, Medeea Namolosanu, Roxana Frunză, Gabriela Brăneanu, Sandu Bianca, Diana Felicia and our guests for making this possible 🌺.